Solar-electric (photovoltaic) systems are modular, meaning they can be designed in whatever size you require.  For a lower cost and simpler installation process, we offer pre-engineered systems sizes from 2.5kW on up.  There are a variety of mounting options available for common roof types, as well as for ground-mounts and tracking arrays.  Systems can be simply grid-tied, off-grid with batteries, or grid-tied with a battery backup.  Each system includes PV modules, mounting hardware, inverters, and professional installation for a complete solution.

Solar Modules / Panels – 215 Watt

Silicon-based photovoltaic technology is the most efficient, and the modules we use are multi-crystalline silicon, with a rugged extruded aluminum and tempered glass construction. The modules are backed by a 25-year manufacturers warranty on output, and also are guaranteed to be STC rated at 215 watts or more.

PV Powered Inverters

Inverters are necessary to convert the DC power from the solar array to grid-ready AC. PV Powered Inverters are our choice for efficient, high quality, made in the USA power inverters. These inverters are also optimized for our pre-engineered system sizes, and ensure the best production. The inverters are backed by a 10-year warranty and come with integrated AC/DC disconnects and 1-year of free online system monitoring!

Synergy Renewable Systems, LLC has experience with many PV and inverter manufacturers, and can source those as well. Kyocera Solar was chosen by our installers for their value, efficiency, warranty, and performance. We are your one-stop shop for solar energy systems.