There are numerous sizes and types of wind energy systems available, from the small battery charging turbines to the utility-scale turbines. We use only systems that are designed for performance, reliability, and value. Currently we have 2.5kW to 10kW rated wind turbines with larger systems in development. Each system includes a turbine, power electronics, tower, auxiliary components, and professional installation for a complete solution.

EnergyCraft™ EC10KW – 10 kW Turbine :: Grid-Connectable or Battery Charging

The 442SR is a 10kW rated small wind turbine, with a peak power of 12kW. The name refers to its size, having a swept area of 442 square feet. It is a permanent-magnet machine, which is a simple design that does use a gearbox, and therefore does not need oil changes! This simple design has few moving parts and minimal maintenance. This particular system’s performance has been tested and validated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and comes with a 10-Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.


EnergyCraft™ EC2.5KW – 2.5 kW Turbine :: Grid-Connectable or Battery Charging

The 110 is a 2.5kW rated small wind turbine. It is a permanent-magnet machine as well, which means minimal maintenance. The name refers to its swept area, collecting wind from an area of 110 square feet with its 11.8-foot diameter rotor. This turbine is a scaled-down version of the 442SR, and is similarly designed for performance and long service life. A good fit for remote applications, or to offset some residential usage.


Synergy Renewable Systems has experience with many turbine and inverter manufacturers, and can source those as well. Xzeres Wind was selected by our installers for their value, warranty, and performance. We are your one-stop shop for wind energy systems.